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Sander van Vlerken

P.O. Box 1878
4801 BW Breda
The Netherlands

Phone: (31) 76 522 8151
Fax: (31) 76 522 25 99


About De Geus

De Geus is an independent Dutch publishing house, founded in 1983. We specialize in Dutch and international literature, crime literature and quality nonfiction (largely narrative and autobiographical). De Geus strives to create a publishing list reflective of modern society. Therefore, maintaining an international view of the world is crucial. To this end we publish works by authors from different cultures, from diverse backgrounds. Our publishing list represents a nearly equal balance of male and female writers. We have translated books from more than fifty countries (languages). Amongst our Dutch authors are Kader Abdolah, Charles den Tex, Kristien Hemmerechts, Esther Gerritsen, Annelies Verbeke and Bram Dehouck.

Bestseller authors

Kader Abdolah

The Messenger and The Koran

The Cow

The King

The Crow

This Beautiful Country

The House of the Mosque

Portraits and an Old Dream

My Father's Notebook (Cuneiform)

Sea Lettuce and Alice's Spoons

Rights overview


Bram Dehouck

Sleepless summer

Child from Hell


Esther Gerritsen

The Sorry Little God


Normal Days

Super Dove


Rights overview



Anne-Gine Goemans

Gliding Flight

The Unfurrowed Ground


Kristien Hemmerechts


Death Proposed to Me

The Woman Who Fed The Dogs


Her Blood

The Twisting Pathways In Our Memories


Charles den Tex

The Power of Mr Miller


The Heir


Beyond Control

Chance in Hell



Rights overview


Annelies Verbeke


Greener Grass



Saving Fish



Authors A-Z

Ineke van der Aa

The Harlot of Loven

Tahmina Akefi

Not one of us looked back

Gary Barker

Luisa's Last Words

Mary of Kivu

Annelies Beck

Across the Channel


Mohammed Benzakour


Rinke van den Brink

The End of Antibiotics

Mira Feticu

Happier than Ever

Sweet Child of Mine

Robert Haasnoot

The Ample Bed

Slow Waltz

Sea of Delusion

Martin Hendriksma

The Wurst Affair



Hanneke Hendrix

The Birthdays

Aad van den Heuvel

The President

Dirty bomb

A Sunny Island

War Correspondent

Daad Kajo

The Tempter of Damascus

Fouad Laroui

The Day Malika didn't Marry

Yorkshire's Richest Woman


Simone Lenaerts

The Irreplaceable

Spider's Grief

Seawater Is Salty, So They Say

Mieke de Loof

Cruel Beauty

Judith Neurink

Misled Martyrs

My Iraqi family

The Frightened City

Marjoleine Oppenheim-Spangenberg

She and I



Mijke Pol

The Nylons

Joanie de Rijke

In the Hands of the Taliban



Chris Rippen

Nothing happens here

Jaap Robben & Benjamin Leroy

If anyone ever were to find my bones

The Sourballs


Jaap Robben

Let's start a Forest

Mirjam Rotenstreich

Lost People


Monique Samuel

Mosaic of the revolution


Hilda Schalck

Child in a million


Vamba Sherif

Bound to Secrecy

Joke Spaey

The Loneliness of the West


Naema Tahir

The Bride

Anneloes Timmerije

Sleepwalking in Daylight


Jac. Toes & Thomas Hoeps

The Lies Archive

Art Without Mercy

Jac. Toes

Blind Sight


Marjolein Uitzinger

City Trip to Berlin

Fatal Scoop

Onno Wesseling

The Century of Carlos Moreno Amador


Renate van der Zee

A Girl for Day and Night